Cue Services

  • Recondition cue shaft - $7 to $10
  • Clean, remove small dents, reseal and polish.
  • Your cue shaft will feel and look brand new!
  • Tip Replaced* - $15 (includes shaft recondition)
  • Your choice of standard tip:
  1. Elk Master (medium soft)
  2. LePro (medium hard)
  3. Triangle (hard)
  • Your choice of red or black fiber backing
    *Other tips available through special order at additional cost
  • Ferrule replacement* - $20 (plus the cost of the tip)
  • Tenon repair - $45 - $50 (includes ferrule and tip)
    *Standard ferrule material is Ivorite III. Other types available through
    special order.
  • Replacement shaft - $70 - $100 for hard rock maple shaft; includes
    ferrule and tip. (Laminated shafts available through special order or I
    can customize a shaft blank bought by you for your cue. Prices are
    estimated at the time of the order).
  • Shaft resizing - $40 - $60 (depends on size change and possible
    replacement parts).
  • New wraps:
  • Irish Linen - $40
  • Textured or smooth Leather or other exotics - $75 - $100
  • Cut wrap groove and wrap - $70 - $90
  • Refinish cue butt and shaft(s) - $40 - $70
  • Cue Restoration Services!!! Click here for some pictures of a recent restoration project.
  • I will provide a price quote for any service needed that is not listed.
Notes on shipping:
The USPS and UPS have sturdy triangular shaped shipping cartons that work
well for shipping cues. If you have joint protectors, send them with the cue.
If not, be sure to pad the threaded stud on the cue butt well to stop it from
being bent during shipment. The cost of return postage is added to the
service cost.
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